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Icon Edit Pro is a very easy to use strong icon editor-browser
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Hagen Wieshofer

If you are into creating icons (Linux, windows, Unix) cursors, bitmaps, animated cursors and wireless bitmaps (WBMP) FOR WAP-Phone with 256 colors and up to 96x96 pixel, then you need Icon Edit Pro as it is a very easy to use strong icon editor-browser for Windows NT/98/95.

When you see the current icon displayed and magnified, by clicking the left mouse button you will apply the current tool, and the right mouse button is for defining the active color below the mouse pointer.

On the right side of the editor, you will see a panel for creating animated cursors where the animated frames are showed. If you click on one of these animated frames, you will define the current frame on the other hand, a double click copies the current frame to the editor.

Effective tools will assist you a lot, the Shadow Function will help you create 3D effects, radial, rotatable free conical gradations and linear, contrast control, anti-aliasing, brightness/saturation control, raise/inset and much more.

You can extract icons from DLL and EXE files and cut out bitmaps (JPG, GIF, BMP) or just directly from the windows screen. Search for the EXE, DLL, or ICL and choose them in the selection box, you can find it underneath the filename box, locate and click on EXE, DLL, or ICL from the directory.

You can store icons in the icon resource, which is a file that includes many icons with different colors and sizes that will help you save a lot of hard disk space.

You can print and display all icons in a directory or icon resource with or without a file name, you can even print them in different sizes.

Luis Sanchez
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